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Ponoka, AB: Under Pressure Line Jetting Inc, 403-963-442

Stony Plain, AB: Livestock Equipment Canada, 780-818-1410

Innisfail, AB: Lilac Lane Red Angus, 403-358-1089

Vulcan, AB: Amber Fisher, 403-485-0892

Nanton, AB: Tykro Forage Solutions Inc, 403-620-4385

Sundre, AB: Tykro Forage Solutions Inc, 403-620-4385

Major, SK: Fusilier Sheep Co, 306-834-9196


Tykro Forage Solutions produces and sells high quality & energy rich silage products. Whether you are a multi-national company or family farm we can satisfy your animal feed needs. Contact Tykro Forage Solutions today. We will make sure you are satisfied.









The Perfect Blend. Tykro TOTAL will provide all the energy and roughage needed for superior performance. This blend packs a punch! You will see immediate results in your animals’ energy level and body condition.


  • Corn Silage
  • Rolled Barley


  • Crude Protein – 16%
  • Crude Fat – 5%
  • TDN – 72%
  • Dry Matter – 58%


  • Cattle
  • Goats
  • Sheep

Complete Feed! For All Breeds of Cattle, Goats & Sheep

50 lb bags of Corn Silage & Rolled Barley in one complete package. For premium performance, our convenient all in one packaging will satisfy your animal feed needs.

40 bags or more: $16/bag

40 bags or less: $18/bag


All of our products contain an all-natural probiotic inoculant. This microbial inoculant contains yeast, photosynthetic bacteria and lacto bacillus bacteria. These beneficial microbes combine to dramatically increase overall gut health. They assist with food absorption, immunity and contribute to the manufacture of vitamins. This probiotic, combined with our high quality feed, greatly reduces the likelihood of disease in your animals.


  • Our products are high-quality & energy rich
  • Most animal feeds like dry hay and grains contain natural protective coatings made up of enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid that make the feed very difficult to digest. Nature designed these coatings to protect the plants and ensure their survival. Unfortunately, this is counteractive to the digestion and absorption of nutrients by animals
  • Our process of ensiling and sealing the feed in a high-density, compressed package helps to break down these natural coatings through fermentation with the help of all-natural, organic micro-organisms
  • This process makes the nutrients easier to absorb through digestion for all animals
  • Airborne mold and dust free
  • Probiotic forage – fermentation enriches the forage with yeast, enzymes, and natural microbes that really help digestion
  • Increased weight gain
  • Increased milk production
  • Increased herd health
  • Zero waste
  • Consistent nutrition
  • Indoor or outdoor storage
  • Enhanced digestibility
  • No hay belly
  • Probiotic Forage is a much better choice than regular dry hay for a number of reasons:
    • Much higher TDN
    • More palatable
    • Contains all the natural probiotic juices that are found in the plant when it is still growing plus the additional microbes developed through fermentation
    • Our Probiotic Forage is as close to nature as you can get
    • Regular dry hay has an approximate optimum harvest window of 1 week. Outside this small window, the quality of hay is drastically reduced and can be of little nutritional value to your animal
    • Probiotic Forage has a larger harvest window that can last as long as a month and therefore give us more time to make sure we can put up a superior quality product with consistent nutritional content


Mission: Providing Premium Feed to Livestock Owners Throughout the World.

  • Tykro Forage Solutions is a Silage production and supply company based in Western Canada
  • We have a vision to bring high quality & energy rich silage products to the marketplace
  • Tykro Forage Solutions comes into this market with a distinct advantage of 30 plus years’ experience in forage and feed production
  • We have a large land base that provides an excellent and constant supply of feed
  • Our team is very experienced and knowledgeable
  • Our customers benefit from our intimate understanding of our entire business, from soil preparation, planting, and harvesting, to animal nutrition and logistics

Carlie Kroening, Chief Executive Officer

Passionate and personable Ms. Kroening has full responsibility for building the company to ever increasing levels of success. Her vision and guidance has produced multi-million dollar revenues and has positioned the company for years of continued high growth. Carlie has held formative positions with Tykro since it’s inception in 2016. She brings vision, leadership and operational skills. Her expertise includes project management, business development, and product innovation. She is adept at process management, work flows and software solutions. Ms. Kroening’s prior career includes many years at Western Financial Group’s corporate head office and with their M&A team, where she honed her skills. She has grown with the company and is a capable CEO, increasing shareholder value, executing strategies and guiding Tykro to exponential growth.

Jerald I. Rukavina, MBA

Advisory Board Chairman

Mr. Rukavina provides internal and external expansion opportunities for high growth companies. In 2001 he created Attalin Investment Corporation, an advisory firm for emerging companies. Today it has successes in agriculture, oil and gas, real estate and technology. In total, he has participated in 9 figure debt and equity transactions. Mr. Rukavina is a Board member of 4 private corporations. He founded and sold Jedco Construction, a commercial building company. He was Vice-Chairman of Horizon Housing, a large charity that provides homes to people in need. For over 20 years he has developed noteworthy international relationships. Mr. Rukavina holds an MBA in Executive Management. He continues                                                           education in leadership and business.

Rob Giguere

Advisory Board Member

Mr. Giguere has extensive agriculture trade experience in North America and Asia. He leads the Commercial AgriBusiness business at United Farmers of Alberta (UFA). He is a member of Canada Beef Inc. which markets beef globally for Canadian ranchers and Alberta feedlots. Rob has life long roots in farming. He has a fulfilling career in agriculture and food supply. Starting a young age in foodservice and now in food distribution with a global leader. He was born and raised on a cow/calf operation in Southern Ontario. Mr. Giguere has studied at the Universities of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Missouri-Columbia.

Jerry L. Kavanagh, FCPA, FCA, CPA (Illinois, USA), ICD.D
Advisory Board Member

Admitted to partnership in PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) in 1996, Mr. Kavanagh retired from PwC in 2018 after a 35-year career during which he provided audit services and advice on structure, finance, accounting and reporting, corporate governance and industry best practices to management and boards of both private and publicly listed companies.  He has a wealth of experience in financial reporting and corporate governance and with a variety of ownership structures and financing arrangements.  Mr. Kavanagh served on a number of not for profit boards during his professional career and is currently a board member of several private corporations.  Mr. Kavanagh holds his ICD.D designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors; is a Fellow of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta; and, holds degrees in both Commerce and Arts (Sociology and Economics) from the University of Alberta.



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